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We are closed from June 20th 2021 (Sunday) till July 5th 2021 (Monday), including. We are back on Tuesday, July 6th, 2021.

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0911 SLUZBA  (0911 758 922)
0911 SLUZBA  (0911 758 922)
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0911 SLUZBA  (0911 758 922)


Company info

PC Služba Slavomír Hodul  - PC Služba
Adresa Znievska 8, 851 06 Bratislava, Slovakia
IČO 30436648
DIČ SK1031974130
Bank account
VUB SK85 0200 0000 0026 3852 9658 (VÚB)

Where you find us

At our address - Znievska 8, 85106 Bratislava. Please arrnage your visit IN ADVANCE at one of our NONSTOP contacts above, to provide you professional service and make sure we are on place.
GPS coordinates: N48.104192, E17.104049 (N48°6'15.0912", E17°6'14.5764").
PC Služba - Sídlo

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